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San Michele Certificates

Cavaliere Grande

Vito Quattrocchi

I have the honor to bestow on William Sanders the title of "Cavaliere Grande" a ranking of second in command of the "San Michele arte di Combattimento". This is because of his many contributions to the system in making it a more well rounded combat system. So I Vito Quattrocchi the titular head of the "San Michele arte di Combattimento" state "that because of his years of experience, because of his bite and much more, in all that the system leaves open. Other than the origional "San Michele drill . The additions of Bill Sanders is law!"

Ho l'onore di conferire su William Sanders il titolo di "Cavaliere Grande" una classifica di secondo in comando del "San Michele arte di combattimento." Questo è a causa dei suoi numerosi contributi al sistema in che rende un sistema più ben arrotondati combattimento. Così mi Vito Quattrocchi il capo titolare della "San Michele arte di combattimento" stato "che, a causa dei suoi anni di esperienza, a causa del suo morso e molto di più, in tutto ciò che il sistema lascia aperta. Altro che il origional" San Michele trapano. Le aggiunte di Bill Sanders è legge!

It is with great Honor and humility that I am honored to receive this rank and position from Don Vito. I will always do my best to uphold it. William Sanders C.G.S.M.

The San Michele System style is formally recognized.

It is my honor and privilege to present here my two certificates of the Completion of San Michele. The first one as you may note, first lists a different name for me. To be admitted into the family Lineage of the San Michele of Don Vito Quattrocchi it was necessary for me to adopt a Sicilian name as well as my own.

The first word is equal to William. The second name was a name I had heard as a child connected to my father's mother's geneology some how, and it means OF THE SAINTS so it seemed appropriate for the San Michele System.

I was very honored when Don Vito asked me if I would take his family name for my last name on the Certificate.

Here is my second Diploma I am honored to receive from Don Vito Quattrocchi. This certificate bestows the title of Caveleri de San Michele or a Knight of Saint Michele. This means the bearer has full right to the system as his own and can even add to the art as well as he is deemed worthy to do this. This is a great honor and I will do my best to uphold it.