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San Michele Italian System

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Don Vito Quattrocchi C.S.M.

William Sanders C.S.M.G.

Salvatore Quattrocchi

Mission Statement

The knife fighting art of “San Michele” is the exclusive family art of the Quattrocchi clan hailing from the town of Corleone, Sicily. The art was developed by adapting traditional saber fencing movements to the shorter stiletto knife which the Quattrocchi family favored carrying in lieu of other traditional Sicilian knives.  In the many knife encounters and duels fought over the years by the men of the Quattrocchi family, techniques that were proven to work in combat were absorbed into the system.  It is from these experiences that the art of “san Michele” continued to develop and grow.  Thus, “San Michele” contains some techniques from Sicily, as well as other Italian areas and Italian systems that proved worthwhile to strengthen the art as happens in all regions where fighters and masters share techniques.  In these duels, combatants learned to adapt what was most effective and useful. 

This is now what “il arte de san Michele” has become. The foundation of the Sicilian Arts with the added regional techniques that added to its effectiveness over the many years.  “Il arte de San Michele” is a living art that continues to grow.  As the years and the students progress and learn from their respective environment. What was effective fifty years ago might not be effective today.  “San Michele will always be a living art that absorbs what is useful and discards what ceases to be.

I, Don Vito Quattrocchi, am the one and only living grandmaster of the “San Michele” knife fighting system.  I am the only person who can bestow the title of “Cavalieri de San Michele” on any student.

All cavalieri who desire to add anything new to the system must have my express permission to do so. It is my sincere desire to continue the art of “san Michele” in an honorable and god fearing way.  My hopes are that all cavalieri will uphold the honorable traditions of truth, nobility, and manhood, always honoring our patron “San Michele Archangelo”.

May he always defend us in battle, being our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

Viva San Michele