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Student Registration and Membership

What do I get with my registration?

Acceptance into the Discussion Group on Facebook. Pendekar Sanders is on the Discussion Group and you can speak to him directly about any question or issues that you are having.

A file is created with your registration information so that we can keep track of your progress and your contact information. This file will also contain the collection of notes that Pendekar Sanders will keep on your DVD evaluations and testing essays.

What is the cost?

$25 signup fee and then $15 per year due each March.

The signup fee can be paid via a Paypal account. Use the button shown below. 

How do I join?

First - Click on the button below to pay the membership fee. There are no refunds on membership fees.


How do I access the Discussion Group?

Paypal Proof

Send an email to willsanders@earthlink.net with proof that you have signed up as student, i.e. paid the registration fee. Proof should include the date of your Paypal Statement and the email address of the account by which you paid.