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We Have a Brand New Book on The Internal Side of San Michele

"Benedicaria’s Angelic Connection to the Sicilian-Italian
Knife Fighting Art of San Michele with Seven Archangels"


Written by William Sanders

This book will teach you the Angelic connection to the seven knife movements of the Sicilian-Italian Stiletto fighting art of San Michele. Each move is related to one of the Great Archangels and you are taught exactly how and when to use each one to put you in contact with the Ancient Christian Archangels of Antiquity. Each move and corresponding Archangel is described in detail and how each can help you and exactly when and how to use these moves as moving prayers to put you in direct contact with the Archangel of choice.

Visit the link below for more information and to order. This is the first time this information has been available.

To order go to: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/benedicaria%e2%80%99s-angelic-connection-to-the-sicilian-italian-knife-fighting-art-of-san-michele-with-the-seven-archangels/16389652


Booklet - Interpretations of the Sicilian Cards

This 49 page booklet gives complete information on how to interpret the future using the Sicilian playing cards according to the traditions of Benedicaria by Vito Quattrocchi. This skill is part of Benedicaria which is a spiritual portion of San Michele taught in old Sicily. This book cannot be purchased anywhere online but here.

$8.00 which includes postage

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Benedicaria Master Edition

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