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St Michael Divination Chain

Described in Benedicaria Master Edition by Vito Quattrocchi and in this book found on Lulu/Amazon.

In the old folk Magic, Benedicaria of Italy a special oracle to get answers and speak to various Saints is often used called the "Chain of St Michael". Here we have duplicated this rare item in pure silver. Each highly detailed medal of St Michael the Archangel is in high detail. The chain is also solid silver as is the sword of St Michael.

Brass Version - $75.00

$75 includes shipping

Silver Version - $170

If you tried to buy these medals separately you would pay around $40 each for them.

Allow 30-40 days for completion.

$170 includes shipping

Italian Nature Magick Ring

  • The leaves are from the Rue a very powerful shrub that was said to give second site and much more.

  • There is a rooster who harkens the sun, or the light, symbolized enlightenment.

  • The dagger is a moonbeam, a sacred blade and represents transformation, the moon, mystical vision.

  • The serpent, knowledge and also the Goddess Proserpina.

  • The key for he who opens the way, sometimes Hectate.

  • The flower is a five petal flower, here the vervain blossom, which represents the faery race and the working with otherworld beings.

It was the symbol worn by those who practiced the old nature magic of Italy and eventually became a symbol to protect against evil and often hung in a babies crib to protect it from misfortune and the evil eye as well. The ring is sterling silver and cost $110 plus $10 shipping.

Specify your ring size when ordering.

$120 includes shipping

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