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San Michele Italian System Weapons

Throwing Blades

We are now offering the Bot Flumine de San Michele (Lightning Bolt of St. Michael) throwing knife set. The same ones I throw and teach about on the DVD of the same name. Each is hand cut and tempered, balanced to fly straight with no spin if you throw as taught and includes a leather belt sheath.  They come with a hand baked on resin to prevent rust, if you want it removed, any good solvent will do but i advise to leave it as is. These are sharp and real knives and we suggest you throw them under supervision and after instruction as on my DVD using all safety precautions and eye protection. We will only sell these to those who have already bought my DVD on the throwing of these.  For safety I suggest they be thrown in a tightly bailed, bail of straw set low to the ground.

The small one cost as much to make as the large one as it is harder to make and balance and fit a sheath because of the micro size.

$225 + $15 USA

There are no refunds, or changing your mind on any orders for any of these custom knives. Once the order is received the maker is paid. All sales on custom made orders are finale.


The Muletto, the long blade of San Michele can be seen in the book “Sicilian Stiletto Fighting, The Way of Honor”. It has a 17 inch triangular blade, the correct saber style grip and the grip is ray skin wrapped in wire providing the most beautiful and the most secure grip possible. The cross guard is a great Italian style stiletto design. Each blade is made to order.

$275 + $20 USA

$275 + $40 Foreign

There are no refunds, or changing your mind on any orders for any of these custom knives. Once the order is received the maker is paid. All sales on custom made orders are finale.

San Michele Spring Assist Knife

This blade is for every day carry and I have a collection of Italian switch blades by some of the best makers, even some with magnum springs. They are beautiful, but

  1. They are not legal to carry everywhere.
  2. The strong springs in the good ones that give that great sound almost feel as if they could jump out of my hand if it was wet, slippery or I was in a hurry in the open.

So I went to the spring assist. Here I found problems

  1. In the ones that look like a real Italian stiletto they all have the guard backwards, look at the pictures. Some switch blades do as well. No one who ever tried a thrust into an object with one like this would do it twice. The backward curve of the guard slices your thumb wide open and i know as in a practice i thrust one into some soft wood and was bleeding everywhere, no good and a stupid and dangerous way to make a knife intended to ever stick into anything, be it practice or to save your life.
  2. The handles are mostly light weight cheap plastic or crappie light weight wood and held on with cheap tiny star head screws.
  3. The belt clips are also held on with the same cheap, tiny star head screws that very quickly strip out in the thread area and the head leaving the knife falling apart if you use the clip daily. Note in the one picture i am supporting the knife with a finger held against the clip. I had to change the grip a tad so you could see this, but that is one thrust grip used in the Italian arts and i have found the belt clip stabilizes that grip some. So it has another use.

The good news is the blades on some are very good as is the spring.

So what i am doing is this. I get a good quality knife for the blade and spring. Throw away the scales. Then

  1. I take the knife apart and reverse the guards so you won’t get cut, check the bearing surfaces and add a special oil that bonds with the metal
  2. Then I add real bone scales to the knife which are not commercially made and take a lot of elbow grease, all hand work with files and sand paper.
  3. Each bone scale is inlaid with a high detail, pure silver Saint Michael medallion.
  4. I hand fit the scales to each knife and replace the scale screws with longer better quality stainless allen button head screws.
  5. I can leave the belt clip off, or if you want it, I will replace those screws as well so it will not strip out or get loose.
  6. I then check for speed, mine is as fast as any switchblade and no jump to lose the knife and legal everywhere.
  7. The bone and silver scales adds about 3/4 of an ounce to the blade and gives it a nice quality heft.
  8. The overall length open is about 9 1/4 inches, the blade about 4 1/2 from tip to base. The perfect carry length.

$150 + $10 USA

$150 + $20 Foreign

There are no refunds, or changing your mind on any orders for any of these custom knives. Once the order is received the maker is paid. All sales on custom made orders are finale.

NEW! San Michele Sub-Hilt Fighter Knife

Here is the latest San Michele fighting knife, THE SAN MICHELE SUB-HILT FIGHTER. For some time I have been studying sub hilt knives. The origins of this idea in a knife seem to be very unclear, although the famous old knife maker, now deceased, Bob Loveless is credited with making them famous. One can also see the idea, however, in certain old swords and fencing foils like the now extremely popular orthopedic grip models. There are some misconceptions on this design. One is you are restricted and locked into the forward grip only.  Now this may be so in some models but I can assure, NOT in this one, I had to play with the angle of the grip I wanted, where the balance and trigger was. Over all shape and texture of the handle and grip cap design and this is the result.

In my San Michele model blade is super smooth secure and  fast moving from forward to reverse positions, the shape and size of the handle lock it up into the palm. The grip cap doubles as a close in weapon. The Steel in the 10 inch blade is the finest Chromium high carbon blend for the hundreds of layers of Damascus and the grip is real Amber stag for great beauty and superior gripping functions in all weather, wet or dry conditions. As in all of our blades a good guard is mandatory and the trigger functions as added security so the hand is secure and safe from sliding onto the blade in combat.

The control, accuracy and power of draw cuts and snap cuts is phenomenally increased. The blade shape functions well for both thrusting and chopping. This is the knife of a professional knife artist of San Michele. This is a true knight’s blade of the art for sophisticated adepts. The high quality leather sheath can be had for vertical or horizontal cross draw use, my favorite.

These are hand made to order and you can’t get a finer balanced and designed sub hilt masterpiece of this quality for under $1500. Many cost far more than are more than mass produced ill designed ones. This is not a mass produced stainless steel unbalanced cheap blade with poorly designed ergonomics. Hand made to order with the sheath, for $350 plus postage. Allow six weeks or so to have one built for you. See my DVD on the use of the sub hilt fighter in combat as well. 

$350 + $20 USA Shipping

$350 + $40 Foreign Shipping



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