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San Michele Italian System DVDs


The Muletto in San Michele DVD

This DVD is on the the use of the long blade, the muletto in San Michele. This video is the first video that covers the in depth use of the muletto. Covered are unique wrist development exercises to make the fast cuts of the blade, grips, special seven cut drill of the muletto. The use of the basic seven cuts in motion and patterns, fighting postures, sparring drills, with and without a partner, a must for all students of San Michele.



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San Michele Throwing Knives DVD




In this DVD you will be introduced to various San Michele throwing knives as well different grips and type of throws. Applications of the throws are also discussed.

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Carrying the Knife -
Knife Deployment and Camouflage Knife Moving


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The Seven Dexterity Knife Drills of San Michele DVD

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2015 In-depth Seminar of San Michele in Brazil



A long DVD of the art, including cuts on the cross, advanced cuts on the cross, short, medium and long range positions. Never shown before on video, cuts and postures, viper aspects of the art, sparring and more!!

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Postures and Stances of San Michele DVD


The fighting stances and postures of San Michele are associated with the seven archangels of the ancient Holy Scriptures and writings. Here each stance is shown with its appropriate cut. The use of the stance and strategies in combat are also covered as well as the stances and strikes of the asp viper portion of the art.

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San Michele Italian Knife DVD 1

San Michele System
Details on the Cuts
Basic Drill
Circle of the Sun
Eagle Hand

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San Michele Italian Knife DVD 2

Mentality Needed 1 and 2
Cuts on the Cross


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San Michele Italian Knife DVD 3

Dueling 1
Dirty Tricks - Hat, Coat, Newspaper and Others
Dueling 2
Cane and Stick Demo


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San Michele Italian Knife DVD 4

Ballo di San Michele - Dynamic Cuts in Motion
Dueling 3

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San Michele Italian Knife DVD 5

Rebuking the Devil - San Michele Empty Hand

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2012 Seminar DVD - $40.00

The Seven Cuts in Detail
The Circle of the Sun
Counter Attacks and Angles
The Attack of the Eagle and the San Michele Shield
Dueling Practice and more

NEW! The San Michele Sub-Hilt Fighter

The San Michele Sub-Hilt Fighter DVD 

This new DVD, for the first time examines and explains the actual use of the sub-hilt fighting knife and how we use one in San Michele. Proper grip designs, placement of and proper finger manipulations to produce the devastating and fast responses this design is capable of. Exactly how to quickly switch from front to reverse grips with ease and speed the use of both sharp and dull edges of the knife and how grip design can enhance this. Close up video when needed.  Good and bad shapes for the handle and pommel.  For the first time the very sneaky and ultra-close range, blade on the body mechanics are demonstrated with a sub-hilt making strikes as close to invisible at zero range as possible. Use of the pommel and why the sub hilt is superior here and much more. If you have a sub hilt or ever thought of getting one, get this DVD. Also see our new San Michele sub hilt custom-made fighter on this website.

Endorsement From Grand Master Vito Quattrocchi of San Michele
Vito Quattrocchi

Ok heads up all San Michele practitioners. Grand Cavalliere William Sanders has put out a new video on the practical application of the new San Michele Bowie style fighting knife. The video has my 100% approval and appreciation for Sanders..What a teaching video.. get it NOW post haste. Even if you don't have the new Sanders Bowie, at least get this video it will enhance your skill in the Art of San Michele. Kudos again for Grand Cavalliere Sanders. Oh yeah, did I mention that William Sanders designed this fighting knife himself. What a work of art, the blade will chop an arm off if need be. I believe that the Sanders Bowie Knife will go down in knife fighting annals just as the Jim Bowie Knife, and the Fairbairn Sykes. It just thrills me to see how my Great Grand Fathers art is developing and growing here in America and in Brazil with the addition of this new fighting knife the system has just reached a new height. Thank you again, William Sanders.


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