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San Michele Italian Rings and Hats

San Michele Ring

Here is the new spectacular San Michele ring. This is our largest and most elaborate ring. The base is solid sterling silver and on one side are two crossed Italian dueling knives, on the other the ancient Sicilian Trinacria symbol. The center piece is made separate of a bronze with the Quattrocchi coat of arms of the art and the name of the art in high relief above it, San Michele. The coat of arms itself is layered in enamel with the appropriate colors. The four eyes in the coat of arms represent the four gateways to the art, knife, empty hand, stick and muleto (long knife) the price is only $125 plus $10 shipping in the USA and $15 out of the country.

Specify your ring size in the PayPal notes.

$130 plus $10 shipping to USA

$130 plus $15 shipping to outside USA

This is an option I now have for the San Michele Ring. I call this the Cavaliere Grande option. As you can see it is the standard San Michele ring with a silver pointed crown around added to the rim of the ring. The inner details are all visible from the top. This is a permanent attachment. The sharp points are designed to be used to help in a disarm , should you be attacked with a knife. A strike to the knife hand with he points will vastly multiply the chance for a fast disarm. This one is mine and at first I thought it would hang up if I reached in a pocket, or on about anything. So I wore it for a while. I found it rarely if ever got in my way! I have yet to get hung up in a pocket either. Now I will also offer this at half height if this is too tall for you. It will of course also greatly increase the pain factor if used to hit for a disarm. The cost for both is the same, just choose normal or half height. The cost for this option (must be ordered with the ring as one unit) is $30. Order the ring and this at the same time if you want the Cavaliere Grande crown attached.

Specify your ring size and whether full or half height crown in the PayPal notes.

$155 plus $10 shipping to USA

$155 plus $15 shipping to outside USA

Traditional Style Italian Hat

Here is the latest edition of our "loaded" traditional style Italian hat we use as a weapon for self-defense in San Michele. This one is designed for the winter time and as you can see it has very high-quality leather and leather lined ear flaps that fold up and down to keep you warm. The hat is constructed of top quality heavy leather with the hidden loading in leather. Price is $65 plus $6 shipping in the USA and $12 anywhere else.

$65 plus $6.00 shipping to USA

$65 plus $12 shipping to outside USA

Hidden Weight Italian Hat

I want to introduce one of the self-defense tools of San Michele. I am the first to offer the authentic "loaded” traditional Italian style hat that is pronounced “goop-ah lien” in Sicilian. This is a genuine leather hat with lining and not fake leather that is really a fabric. The hat has some elastic gussets so it is one size fits all. A special leather pouch which contains a full 3 ounce saucer shaped weight is sewn into the back of the hat in the lining and you do not feel it is there when wearing it.

However should someone attack you, with one move of the hand you have a very effective means to defend yourself and possibly even use to fend off and cause an attacker to drop a knife they may be attacking you with. Once you know how to use this in San Michele it can smash bones in the hand and more. It is stylish, keeps the sun and weather off, it is hard to blow off of your head in the wind, protects against forehead cuts in a knife attack which can blind you with blood in the eyes and always there if you need it.

Another historical fact on these hats is, my teacher, Don Vito has informed me that many of the old Sicilians here, referred to these hats as a Stiletto hat. The reason is, in the front part of the peak, the hat has a large area that perfectly holds a stiletto around five inches closed which many of them used for just that.


When you grasp the front of the hat with your hand to remove it for self-defense, the inner stiletto becomes a sort of handy handle, as you can see from the shape. This helps swing the loaded hat and if needed the knife, with practice it can quickly be slung into the free hand. It was not suggested to use an auto knife unless the knife had a good safety and it worked well to keep from grasping the hat and having the blade open if the button is depressed. Perfect place to carry a spring assist or other smaller knife that is out of the way and you will hardly know is there, make sure it is legal to carry like this where you live and whatever type you place in the hat is also legal to carry.


DVD 3 covers the use of the “goop-ah-lien” in advanced fighting. These are handmade as ordered so get your order in now to get it as soon as possible.

$50 plus $6.00 shipping to USA

$50 plus $12 shipping to outside USA