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Soldier of God, Loaded Beret

Soldier of God, Loaded Beret

Introducing a very special item for our San Michele and Cossack Combat Whip students and buyers. This is a very important item to me as our arts are Christian based. In this day and age, as has been the case for centuries, Christians are under attack worldwide and there have always been soldiers for the people who are also soldiers of God. There are sheep and the brave sheep dogs who guard them from the wolves and this is the hat of those protectors and the soldier of Jesus Christ-God.

This is a USA military-style 100 percent wool beret, made in the USA, not a cheap foreign piece of junk. It is edged in real leather and has a fold down hard placard in the front so the beret maintains its classic shape and can hold up the heavy sterling pin perfectly. These are made to USA military specifications and the best quality.

With the hat comes a large and heavy, solid sterling silver pin that is handmade by a top jeweler, per order. The translation of the pin is solider of God. The skull has a crossed Cossack bear paw whip and a San Michele Sub Hilt Fighter. This is not available anywhere else. Again this is not a tin pin, or stainless steel but solid pure .99 sterling silver, fitting for such a hat.

In the back of this hat is a professionally sewn in leather pocket which contains a 3-ounce lead weight! The hat can save your life if needed and this produces a good blow to disable an attacker for self defense when used with force. No other beret has this feature.

The hats are available in various sizes from 6 3/4 to 7 3/4 so be sure and list your closest size between those. One color, black. $25 postage outside the USA.

Enter hat size

$140 plus $6 postage inside the USA

Enter hat size

$140 plus $25 postage outside the USA