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Lara Munga Javanese keris for Sale

Museum quality , OLD , 13 Luk ( wave ) Lara Munga Javanese keris . Blade is 14 inches long , over all with handle its 19 inches. Lara Munga creature chiseled in gold with chiseled flowers with gold applied as well (kinatah) , up and also on top of the Ganja . Pamor is a positive Beras Wutah. The blade is from the Kartosuro era (18th century). Fabulous Selut and mendak with high quality cut Javanese diamond stones. The wranka is in Timoho wood , one of the most highly prized and high priced woods for the Wranka of the keris and is now about extinct. The dress is more recent and the back of the pendok carries the engraved seal of the Kraton (Royal palace ) of Surakarta and engraved PB X , for a ruling period between 1866 and 1939 for the dress. It was common during this time to redress and spruce up old valuable blades of high importance , as this piece is. The front of the pendok is inlaid with over 300 cut stones each in the middle of a cross. This highly important keris was made with its own house , a special padded box formed to fit it and in a padded bed. The outside of the bos is covered in Javanese batik cloth. I picked this piece up in Central java from a keris expert who worked with the Solo Palace (Kraton) there and had to get special permission for it to leave the country. Pieces like this he told me , even then were almost impossible to find amongst the newly made junk. They only became available , normally at the death of the old owner and the family became in need of money. Look at the detail in this piece and if you want the finest keris for your collection, email me at willsanders@earthlink.net . Paypal only for payment please. I paid $2500 for this piece many years ago and I will sacrifice it now for only $800 plus $25 postage to the right buyer.


$800 + $25



Email: willsanders@earthlink.net