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Shipments should begin on September 3, 2013

In this DVD you will learn the historical background, basic strikes and cuts, a short basic form shown from various directions and speeds. You will also learn the basics on how to use the beladau and cabang at the same time.

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During the early years of my training with Guru John Malter only three weapons were mentioned specifically as part of the lineage. The bladed cabang, the short stick (kanching stick) and one sword, the beladau.

The names of these weapons were not always told to us. The cabang was named and it has a few, siku-siku being another used. The sword was not named, nor was the short stick. Later I found the stick can be called a kanching.

I found the bladed cabang being used with the Mas Jud line and there in Java I was at last to see a sword with a sharp inside curve as well. I later found the most popular name in Java for it, is the beladau.

Guru Malter always told us he was only interested in the pure combat applications of the art and not any tournament styles that some wanted to pursue at that time. So it seems Master Wetzel shared the cabang and beladau with Guru Malter. I know this because he gave me copies of the drawings of these two weapons that came from Master Wetzel that he brought with him from Java.

Guru Malter wanted a real set for himself and at that time I had a blacksmith make the first two models for him from those drawings. A few of the top students chipped in and we gave them to him for a Christmas gift. Later we had a few crude swords made in Mexico from the plans for a few of us. Guru Malter knew I was also interested in weapons and especially at the time, these. So he shared the use of them, how he was shown to use them by Master Wetzel with me. I am not sure how many other students of Master Wetzel were taught the use of them. I have not seen any to this day showing them. So he told me, the beladau and the cabang were often used together. You can see the picture autographed to me that shows Guru Malter holding them together.

The use of the beladau is sneaky and very hard to stop. Unlike most swords the sharp edge is only on the inside curved portion! Why? This sword was designed to catch the arms and legs of the enemy. As they punched or kicked the beladau comes in behind that and as they retract the blow, they are trapped and cut. Worse you can then draw them into you, as they come forward to escape the edge and were hit with the cabang!

For the first time this historical sword is available for sale. They are handmade of tempered steel and the edge is sharp. If you note the projection at the base of the handle it keeps the hand in place and can be used as an in close weapon if needed. The handles are tropical wood. This beladau is made from the same drawing and is the same length and width, I added the small hook near the base I saw on the ones I liked in java. I might add ours is longer than others I have seen. This one can catch kicks as well as punches with ease. The overall length is about 27 inches and it comes in a high quality handmade leather sheath. Take a look at the pictures posted. Those with Guru Malter and I were done before one of our sessions where he taught me what knew of their use, for the first time here I am showing a video of guru  Malter showing moves with the beledau. I will be releasing a video this year on its use and how to move with it.

Order now to be at the top of the list and get yours early as they take some time to hand make.

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