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Silat Weapon - Cabang

The history of the Cabang is that the first design was given to me, from my first teacher, Guru John Malter. He gave me a photo copy of the dimensions and a drawing he got directly from Willy Wetzel who got it from Indonesia. I have had over the years a few remakes of that design. When the actual students of Mas Jud were located, for the first time we saw and have pictures of them practicing with a bladed cabang. I then found the roots of that weapon were with the Mas Jud art.

Here is the latest version of the Cabang. I have now added the lower brass edge guard to the blade, to give more protection to the base of the hand should the blade slip forward some when using it. The size of the ball has been adjusted and the area on the lower tines where the fingers rest has been given a rounded surface on the upper and lower bearing surface for more comfort and ease in manipulation. The tip has been widened a bit for more strength. The leather case remains the same great heavy duty enclosure.


The Cabang is the high weapon of our art and represents all of the animals and elements in the art. Now, for the first time I have added my own input to the actual design. I added an extra sweeping blade to the end of each tine which flows symmetrically with the shape of the weapon  and gives you for the first time the ability to hook and slash in the reverse grip. This, in effect adds a kerambit type blade on the end of each tine. Now, the principle of the thorn is evident on all four sides of the blade and in any direction that someone tries to attack you, they will run into a point on the weapon.

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