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NEW! PCPS Combat Fang Thruster Knife

Ok everyone; here is the first prototype of the NEW PCPS COMBAT FANG THRUSTER KNIFE! NOW, you can see the big changes to the frontal area of the blade. I added what I call A FANG THRUSTER. Now you can do a thrust without the blade getting stuck, to vital areas, nerve centers and hands for a fast disarm and the lower position on the blade does will not stick you when the blade is in the reverse grip against the fore arm. it has Dark Buffalo horn scales. There will be slight variations and I want to add a small guard on the bottom side but they will all have a similar frontal edge design.

I wanted to add some info and insight into the why and how of the new PCPS Fang Thruster Combat knife. It was around 1974-75 when I invented the first one. I was trying to come up with a design that could be used at very close range, allowed pin point hits while in the snake head position and style, as well as close range slashes with elbows, and be able to quickly transition to a longer range. After many drawings and models of clay etc. I came up with a knife with a brass ball on the end that came to a point and to indentations in the handle to allow the fingers to get a good grip in the reverse position.

I had a custom maker create it, it worked and I had it until some bastard stole it out of my garage in car after training, never knew who. So some time later I designed a new one. This time i made the indentations larger, like wings for more protection and security of grip, but otherwise it was the same.

When I lost that makes it was the end of the run on those. The one thing I was not able to do with the others is make those same pin point thrusts with the tip like I wanted. Now in the snake system, after I finished my training with my first teacher he told me the highest expression of the snake was to be able to isolate the strikes, so a one finger blow could kill or disarm. I developed a way to shoot out a single finger from the snake head to a target.
Lately I revisited the PCPS knife and low and behold my hand held the answer to the knife design modification I had been looking for. That single finger thrust COULD BE ADDED TO THE DESIGN OF THE KNIFE FOR SINGLE PIN POINT PRECISION STRIKES, NEVER HITS AND TAKE OUT BLOWS! The picture here tells the tale.The knife here is not being held properly, it was just to show how the forward portion of the blade now mimics the single thrust of a finger from the snake head. Hence the name PCPS FANG THRUSTER COMBAT KNIFE!
Now when the knife is held against the arm in the correct reverse grip, it is as if the snake has its mouth closed with folded fangs. BUT when you flex the wrist the fang portion comes forward and out, like the snake opening its mouth to strike (see snake and hand picture).

I hope everyone can get one. The price is $225, plus $20 postage in the USA. Between now and Christmas i will throw in the PCPS combat knife DVD for free with each order.

$225 + $20