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Silat Internal Training DVDs


The Internal Care and Balancing of the Keris on the Circle of Creation DVD



Here is the first of our new internal DVDs. This one is on the care of the Keris. We cover how to discover the primary element contained in a Keris and balancing the Keris, with you. How in PCPS, American Pencak Silat we venerate, incense, oil the great Keris icon, on a scaled down circle of creation. You are shown how to cleanse any Keris of any negative properties as well. Each section of the circle of creation as it relates to the Keris is explained in detail with lecture and video along with the great angelic influences each quadrant and element contain and the culmination and creation by God in the center . Also given are the proper lunar time day and hour to do the work for each element, positioning of the Keris on the circle and much more. None of this has anything to do with Islamic influence or practice and predates it. This is the first time this has been shown on any of my DVDs or openly taught by me anywhere.

Almost an hour long.

$50 Inside USA including shipping
$60 Outside of the USA including shipping

$50.00 Ship inside the USA

$60.00 Ship outside the USA

Movements of PCPS American Pencak Silat DVD

The use of the elements on our circle of creation for exercise, health, well-being and balance, using the movements of PCPS American Pencak Silat

For the first time I will show you how anyone, young, old, thin or heavy, in shape or out of shape and even bound to chair can use movements from PCPS American Pencak Silat and our circle of creation for beneficial exercise for body and mind. Each element is demonstrated through movement and can be adapted to fit almost anyone’s physical limitations. The positioning, breathing, visualization, range of motion for limbering and flexing as possible are demonstrated and explained in great detail including the culmination in the center of the circle of completion and creation of the balanced elements working in the body.

This material has never before been taught. It is not necessary for anyone in PCPS American Pencak Silat, be it a student or teacher to need to look to other internal arts like tia chi or bagua for internal exercise. Using the art you have and teach here already in the manner taught greatly expands your depth of understanding of PCPS American Pencak Silat and allows your students to progress faster .classes can be held for non-students by my teachers as well, for parents, student friends etc. The elderly can also be taught as they are able since it is a naturalistic art that adapts to each person’s ability at the time and will positively reflect on the art from all over the community. Those that can continue to the combat art will find they have a great head start. Every student needs this DVD.

Over one hour in length.

$50 Inside the USA including shipping
$60 Outside of the USA including shipping

$50.00 Ship inside the USA

$60.00 Ship outside the USA

Ancient 6th Century Image of Christ as Found In Java Indonesia

PCPS American Pencak Silat has no obligation to provide one shred of evidence to anyone, that in the past, some martial art practioners from the regions this arts base is composed of, may have, did, come into contact with Christian missionaries and adopted the Christian values and ideals that civilized and improved the world, into their art. The reason is, it’s my art, developed in my country, the USA, as it was with their arts in their countries. We are a Christian moral based country and so I choose to use and teach the ancient mystical –angelic aspects in my internal training and it’s my right to do so as sole master of my art.

However, even though there are some who have such a rabid hatred for Christianity, that they plug their ears and eyes and stomp and wail like little spoiled children, even if you put Christians right in front of them today, in places like Java, making the Keris while praying Christian prayers like the famous Empu Johana Yontas, they still deny, deny. There are other scholarly articles that also, as any intelligent mind could follow, realize this Christian influence occurred, albeit in small numbers over the many hundreds-thousands of years. There is even one extremely popular Pencak Silat, fully Christian based but still they seem to be blind to seeing and acknowledging that it exists today in Java. Let me repeat that. There is today, in Java a Pencak Silat school that is very popular and is fully Christian based, fact! So no, I did not create this for the first time in history like the small minded haters try and make out, lol.
HERE IS A PART OF ONE SUCH ARTICLE MAKING REFERENCE AS RELATING TO, IN THIS CASE, PENCAK SILAT IN SUMATRA. . .  Among the most popular modern styles is the Muslim-directed Tapak Suci. An evasive long-range system, it requires constant movement as the practitioner rotates on their own axis every few seconds. Similarly the Setia Hati school is CHRISTIAN –ORGANIZED!. Rooted in Silek Minangkabau of the Padang area, it relies on kicks and footwork while the hands are mainly used defensively for blocking and parrying.
Over the centuries, Sumatra's kingdoms came into contact not only with adherents of Buddhism and Hinduism but also Islam (from the early to late second millennium) and a few came into contact at different periods with Christianity. Thus in many areas of Sumatra, Muslim terms and phrases such as Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim (‘In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate’) and references to Muslim saints or spirits have been added to the invocations, cosmology and pedagogy of Pencak Silat as well as Christian elements. Most of the nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples escaped efforts made to convert them, yet some of the terms used in their ritual languages indicate that they too have had contact with members of the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim and Christian kingdoms with whom their ancestors engaged in barter.