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Silat Weapon - Kujang

ANNOUNCING A SPECIAL EDITION OF THE VERY UNIQUE DESIGNED BY ME,  PCPS COMBAT KUJANG. This special hand made steel blade has a beautiful pamor like etched pattern that is spectacular as you can see . The top teeth are perfectly formed and sharp, the guard is all brass and protects the top and bottom of the hand , all top quality and the cases on these are the traditional  hand carved wood design .The handle is made of the  heavy and beautiful Indonesian Rose wood . The shape  has the Garuda beak curve on the end to enable you to be able to do  hard snap cuts and the handle is pinned all the way through for strength.

The PCPS kujang is very unique. The large half moon section catches arms and legs and cuts at the same time, no regular kujang can do that. The long triangle pointed portion on the bottom lets you do the tonjok berang poison hand type short strike which will penatrate to the bone and can hit nerves and muscle targets with pin point precision as well. No other kujang has that feature. The long lower pointed end of the half moon section is in fact another blade and can be used to thrust any target that dodges the point. After it penatrates you can slam the front of the blade down for further cutting and trapping the limb in the half circle of cutting steel. The pointed top edge serrations are great for a fast hit to disarm and if any blade slides down your blade towards your hand, the swept gaurds are there to protect your hand like buffalo horns . In a regular kujang your hand is toast. These are just a few of the advantages the PCPS model has over any other kujang in the world.

$285 + $20 USA
$285 + $25 Foreign