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New DVD for All Students
"The Proper Use of the Body and Breath in P.C.P.S."

The proper use of the body and breath in P.C.P.S. - $40.00

Announcing a brand new DVD for all P.C.P.S. practioners. This new DVD is entitled: "The Proper Use of the Body and Breath in P.C.P.S." This DVD goes into detail on how to use the entire body, in the proper way, along with the breath to execute all of the techniques and animal mannerisms in superior fashion and elaborates on the unique PCPS way to move and deliver blows we are known for. The upper and lower body is covered along with naturally delivering your strikes, taking strikes, new training drills and much more. This is a long DVD, over an hour and a half of detailed information. This is the first video all new students should see, right after they watch the free visions DVD. Then watch the 11 principles, followed by the mama seated jurus and the keys to the seated jurus to get you started. All other students need to get this new dvd now to greatly improve your art.


Murid Level 1 Required DVD
-DVD Visions of the Thread (free with paid registration);
-DVD The correct use of the body and breath in PCPS;
-DVD Eleven Principles of Destruction;
-DVD 13 Kicking Jurus (Accessory Files Eleven Principles of Destruction);

13 Silat Kicking Juru DVD

$35 + $5 USA shipping

$35 + $10 Foreign shipping

These vital 13 jurus give the teacher and student the ability to prepare for the positions of Sera Depok while working on the proper body mechanics and our unique delivery system. These include some combinations and even the start of tonjok berang (poison hand). Now the student does not have to wait to study all of the animals before getting the necessary kicks and hand weapons of the system. Every single student needs this DVD to put the emphasis back on the most important part of the art, lower body destruction.

Shown below is a clip of Kicking Juru 8


The Eleven Principles of Destruction - $30.00

This video covers the eleven principles of our tradition. These principles are the building blocks of the system and you need to be practicing these principles to be truly practicing Cimande.

Click here for the pdf file on the details.

20 Seated Juru Series

Pendekar Mama Cimande Seated Jurus - $30.00

Classical Cimande Seated Jurus in the lineage of Pedekar Mama from West Java, Indonesia. These jurus are performed by Pendekar Sanders.

Keys to Seated Jurus - $30.00

This seminar is on the explanation of what “fascinatingly deadly” movement means, how to do it and its application to the seated Jurus of Pendekar Mama done while standing combatively.

15 Sera Depok Series

Mas Jud Book $40.00

All of the arts he studied, his real known teachers in those arts, what his art was composed of, who his main students were, his real name, when he lived and died, pictures of his sons, his wife and relatives, a beautiful cover, which is a painting of Mas Jud and a son commissioned by his sons to remember their father, all of his Sera-Depok Jurus in clear pictures with and without an attacker, pictures of the sons in the four animal postures, a picture of his only drawn diagram and the one that was mentally internalized. The book describes the 15 Sera-Depok Jurus.

DVD - Sera Depok Beginning and Advanced 15 Jurus $30.00

In this DVD Pendekar Sanders shows the beginning and advanced versions of the 15 Sera Depok Jurus. The jurus will help your fluidity and your combat effectiveness. At the end you are given a very rare glimpse of some of the oldest living students of Mas Jud doing some Sera Depok practice solo and with a partner as well as the basic versions of the jurus.

Lanka Sera Depok Ular Dalam $30.00

In this ground breaking DVD Pendekar Sanders identifies the ten vital energy streams that are used in the Sera Depok jurus. Next you are given a demonstration of how to incorporate the Sera Depok into the rest of the art and given the key to how exactly how to blend it in for devastating results. Pendekar Sanders performs a few to Silat music to make it clearer. At the end you are given a very rare glimpse of some of the oldest living students of Mas Jud doing some Sera Depok practice solo and with a partner. Not available for purchase unless you already have purchased the Sera Depok Book/DVD as it requires previous knowledge of the jurus.

Seminar - Mas Jud 1- $30.00

Mas Jud Sera Depok Seminar

Seminar - Mas Jud 2 - $30.00

This seminar is on Mas Jud Cimande and more Sera Depok refinement. Mas Jud used a special circle drill with two people to practice various attack and defense sequences and on this DVD the exercises are shown in detail along with more explanations and refinements on Sera Depok. This material is not shown on any of the other DVDs.


More Physical Training

Tonjok Bareng - Poison Hands $30.00

In this DVD Pendekar Sanders shows all facets of the strikes that are commonly refered to as "poison hand" blows. If you are looking to develop blinding striking speed and close range power then these are must have techniques.

Internal Sparring - $30.00

On this video Pendekar Sanders demonstrates the training to develop the set of muscles that will help you become a fluid, powerful fighter. Applications are shown, of hands only, legs only, and using both together. Included also are the seldom seen Jurusan Duduk (sitting Juru techniques executed with fluidity).

Progression of Destruction - $30.00

This video covers the complete system of striking in our tradition. Pendekar Sanders goes through "The Progression of Destruction," which covers joint, muscle, nerve, and energy point striking. Pendekar Sanders demonstrates advanced strikes, which can cause joint explosion and also covers strikes, which can cause energy drainage of the opponent. The second part of the tape covers the secrets of triangular and Kilap foot movements.

Historical Training and Low Elbow Lanka - $30.00

Actual footage from when Pendekar Sanders was training in Cimande village area in the early 80's. This very special DVD shows a rare sera low elbow lanka performed by Pendekar Sawal of Sera. This footage was taken by Pendekar Sanders, after that Pendekar Sanders demonstrates this lanka that was taught to him by Pendekar Sawal in slow motion. also on this very special DVD are performances by the Cimande teachers wife and children, a scene where Pendekar Sanders joins in the festivities and moves around, a great ilmu demonstration by the village Cimande Master Koko Irnawan his wife and children, rare footage of the late Pendekar Sirait with Pendekar Sanders as well as Pendekar Jafri. For those who claimed Pendekar Sanders was not ever in Cimande village, another fallacy bites the dust. Don't miss seeing this and learning this very effective Sera low elbow lanka never before released.

Embah Kahir Tarians and Tepaks, 2 DVD set -$50.00

A two volume DVD set filmed in Java with the students and friends of Pendekar Mama showing all of the Tarians of Embah Kahir Cimande as well as some Tapaks and dance.

The Tarians are remnants of older silat styles that still had animal influences before they were later removed by some religions. The Tarians themselves are patterns of movement with arms and legs for balance and strength and also as a sort of moving meditation.

Tepaks are a bit more combative looking but pay attention to DVD 2 at the dance near the end and you can see some nice fluid moves.

While we do not require these as part of rank requirements they are very interesting and in the past only one of them had been taught but now you can see and practice them all.

Shown are lanka amapt, luk paku, meong, luga, pesek roay and salak pengkor. Included are some tepaks, tepak dua and tepak opat, tepak salancar and some dance.