Pukulan Cimande Pusaka Sanders

San Michele Italian System

An Maide Mear Eire-Irish Stick

Silat Seminars


Fa11 2012 Seminar - $40.00

The Use of the Sera Depok Energy Streams
The Addition of Kicks to Sera Depok
The Way to Teach The Punches in the Art
Ular Elbows and Knees and More

Australia Seminar Summer 2010 - 3 DVD set, approx 5 hours - $50.00
This 3 DVD set is packed with information. The filming is clear and easy to understand.

1990s Seminar - $30.00

Biting techniques from the python and smothering the opponent's blow. Defenses if you are in a dire situation with the knife against your throat in various manners, point and edge. Some harimau sparring, the correct mental attitude in a fight, dealing with fear and sparring concepts such as cellular intelligence, tuning out in the fight, and an intention training mind set.

1996 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar has the advance elbow shield and applications. The advanced elbow shield is only legitimately found in our style and it is the innovation of Pendekar Sanders.

1997 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar demonstrates a variety of kicks and it shows the special techniques for escaping for a large variety of arm locks and grabs that someone may try to use to disarm you if you have a blade. This info is purely Pendekar Sanders innovation and not available anywhere else.

April 1998 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar is about the use of the Tiger claw i.e. Kerambit

1999 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar is on the Crane and its usage at all ranges.

1999 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar is on Kebatinan showing animal trance work.

2002 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar has a variety of Pedang moves, footwork and more.

2003 Seminar - $30.00

Embah Kahir Sera and Pamacan with some Pedang

2004 Seminar - $30.00

This seminar includes crane, slow sparring, some basics and the demonstration of an animal trance being performed by a student.