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Beladau DVD $40.00

In this DVD you will learn the historical background, basic strikes and cuts, a short basic form shown from various directions and speeds. You will also learn the basics on how to use the beladau and cabang at the same time.

$40 USA
$40 + $5 Foreign
Pukulan Cimande Pusaka Sanders Combat Knife DVD $40.00

In this DVD you will learn the techniques of the Pukulan Cimande Pusaka Sanders Combat Knife. There are various single person drills as well as partner drills.

Pukulan Cimande Pusaka Sanders Combat Knife Seminar $50.00

Continuation of Pukulan Cimande Pusaka Sanders Combat Knife DVD.

Ultimate Knife Training 3 DVD set - $55.00

Ultimate knife defense, fighting seminar. Everyone must have this video if you want to see all of the in's and out's from multiple angles, correct grips  both standing and sitting, regular knife, empty hand against knife, knife against knife and Kujang. You will also see breaks, ripper parries, tendon destruction, moving  patterns for multiple attackers and more. The material was filmed at a 2000 Seminar.

Keris Book $30.00

The book covers some history but mainly fighting applications.

10 Keris Fighting Jurus and Theory DVD - $40.00

For the first time ever, we are offering the Keris Jurus of Pukulan Cimande Pusaka on DVD. In this DVD Pendekar Sanders talks about the fighting terminology given to various portions of the Keris as it is particular to our art. A short history is given explaining some historical background on the old combative methods of the Keris and our own 10 Keris Fighting Jurus are showed in detail with and without an opponent. See how the Keris was actually used as an effective weapon and learn how to use the strongest part of your anatomy against the weakest part of the opponents anatomy, i.e. the lesson of learning to use the Keris. These techniques were put together by Pendekar Sanders through long study of the use of the Keris from Pendekar Jafri who studied the Keris from all over Indonesia as well as his other teachers. Pendekar Sanders teaches long ago forgotten combat applications. These techniques apply to all Keris and are not just applicable to the Javanese Keris. They are unique to Pukulan Cimande Pusaka and are our version alone. These jurus are not available anywhere else in the world. This is high Level material for the silat practitioner that wants to increase their level of expertise.

The Keris Jurus DVD is not a single DVD. It consists of two separate DVDs. The first one includes a lecture and shows the terms written and drawn on a blackboard, which is followed by multiple demonstrations with and without a partner. The second DVD included at no extra charge is just the jurus so one can move to the appropriate one to study very quickly.

Indonesian Keris Fighting DVD - $30.00

The video covers Indonesian Keris (Kris) fighting techniques. This is the first time combat applications of the keris have been shown in public.

Keris Book - 10 Keris Fighting Jurus DVD - Combo $60.00
Keris Book - 10 Keris Jurus - Keris Fighting - Combo $80.00
Indonesian Weapons - $30.00

This video covers advanced knife and kerambit (tiger claw) fighting. Pendekar Sanders shows how to fight with the Kerambit and also how to defend against it. He also demonstrates why grabs, locks, and grappling do not work against a trained knife fighter and shows how to defend against a knife attack.

Cabang - $30.00

In this video Pendekar Sanders shows various cabang, numerous drills that can be performed with the cabang, various grips, hand positions and body postures. Pendekar Sanders also illustrates how to apply the various animal mannerisms to the cabang, how to apply the cabang against other weapons, how to use two cabang and finally how to use the cabang and the pedang together. (45 min)

Traditional Weapons 1 - $30.00

On this video Pendekar Sanders introduces you to the Kanching Stick or lightening bolt stick of the art. A small but deadly weapon used against knives, sticks, and empty hands. The three positions to strike from are shown as well as various strikes, takedowns, and locks. Shown for the first time is the duduk method of practicing against knife attacks along with the body angling and Kilap "lightening bolt" strikes to blast an attacker's blade from his hands. Angles of knife attacks and standing practice are also shown.

Traditional Weapons 2 - $30.00

This video includes more knife fighting techniques.

Traditional Weapons 3 - $30.00

These videos cover advanced knife fighting techniques and also cover the kerambit (tiger claw), the rencong (toe knife), and the pedang (sword).

Indonesian Sword 1 - $30.00

This video covers pedang (sword) techniques. Pendekar Sanders teaches a long pedang form and two shorter forms using a traditional pedang and also teaches how the machete can be used as well. Numerous applications are also taught.

Indonesian Sword 2 - $30.00

This video continues the pedang (sword) techniques.

Kujang - $30.00

In this video Pendekar Sanders shows various kujang,  eleven kujang jurus and numerous drills and applications. Footage of Pendekar Sanders and Pendekar Jafri training in West Java is at the end of the video. (1 hour, 30 min)

Trumbu - $30.00

Beginning Cimande Stick Fighting

Advanced Trumbu - $30.00

Advanced Cimande Stick Fighting