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THIS IS A VERY RARE AND DESIRABLE Javanese 3 LUK KERIS MAHASA NEMPUH OF THE HIGHEST QAULITY . The Mahasa portion pertains to the loyalty and strength of the Buffalo that is very strong and devoted to its master and the Nempuh relates to taking a journey.
So this is said to give the strength and devotion of the Water Buffalo on a persons spiritual and physical Journey through life and helps one to achieve what he hopes to achieve with the power of a buffalo plowing through the fields for him ( representing the obstacles a person may face physically and mentally with the inner and outer strength controlled through their life , through the power of God almighty.
The keris is ascribed at the time of Hamengkubuwana 3rd in the early 1800's. The dress is newer and shows a fantastic pendok and is of the highest rendition with Gold flowers inlaid with faceted clear brilliant stones over a red cloth insert and silver vines on the tree of life pattern and a beautiful wood wranka. Offered for only $395 plus $20 postage to the USA.

$395 + $20


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