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An Maide Mear Eire-Irish Stick

Special Irish Stick Oils

Anointing Oil Blend


A hand made very special blend of oils to care for and empower your bata with legendary oils made from trees in Ireland.

In Ireland according to the old traditions the most auspicious and powerful combining  of trees is when OAK ASH AND THORN combine. This was seen as a gateway to the other worlds including those of the Faye and other nature  type forces. Among the most powerful trees, in the spiritual sense and a great protector is Rowan. In addition all of the elemental powers are here as the Blackthorn represents Water, the Ash Earth, the Oak Air and the Rowan Fire.

In this special oil  I have collected all of those essences directly from Ireland and blended them in a special carrier oil that is not only good for the wood of your stick but you can rub this entire blend into your hands and it is quite good for the skin. For historical reference these are the attributes given to those oils by those who practice tree healing,  Rowan for protection, the Blackthorn for the Skeletal system, Oak for digestive and the Ash for the respiratory system.

This anointing oil is blended here by me one at a time and set by my favorite tree and with my stick that I have used as a conduit for various energies of the natural world. The picture you see is a process I use when the oil is done for each one as they are left outside with my bata, the tree and the area I work in. I only ever have a few made up at a time and when my supplies run low it will takes weeks to replenish them. Instructions will come with the oil.

$15 USA

$20 Foreign


Penetrating Wood Oil

A special wood oil that penetrates the pores and seals the wood with a beautiful high gloss finish. This is not any kind of shellac or lacquer that if damaged is very hard to refinish. This is a real blend of wood oils that dry to a gloss, the more you add the deeper the finish and the more the grain pops out. The good thing is if you ding your stick just add more oil and allow it to dry and the cracked finish is fixed. You can rub regular Tung oil or boiled linseed oil on the stick for months and not get what you can here in one or two coats.

$13 USA

$15 Foreign