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Upcoming Seminars

Pukulan Cimande Pusaka System none currently scheduled
San Michele Italian System none currently scheduled
Irish Swift Stick System none currently scheduled

Booking and Web Site Posting

  1. Read through all of the information listed below and ask questions if something is not clear.

  2. Discuss with Pendekar Sanders the date of the seminar and the possible seminar topics as stated below.

  3. Reserve the date of the seminar with a $100 deposit. The $100 deposit will be deducted from the final overall cost. If for some reason after you pay the deposit you decide to cancel the seminar or change the seminar date the $100 is NON-REFUNDABLE. While cancellations rarely occur they can cause ripples of inconvenience so fixing a date is to be taken seriously by all.

  4. Once the $100 fee is paid the seminar will be announced on the website and on the forum.

Basic Cost

$1000.00 USD for a 2-day weekend seminar plus round trip air transportation, hotel accommodations and basic meals.

Air Transportation

Before the tickets are purchased the complete itinerary, that is departure/arrival times and transfers, must be approved and confirmed by Pendekar Sanders. Bad connecting flights and times or round-about flights will not be acceptable.

Seminar Topics

All seminar material that I will be teaching must be approved by the host before the seminar will be scheduled. I will require the host to inform me if they want me to cover a few techniques in-depth during the seminar or to teach a large number of techniques for a shorter duration and then the participants work on the material later at home in more depth.

I will require a signed paper by the host that the material is what they and their students approved and wish to be taught and in the manner that it will be taught.

I am letting the host call the shots of what is taught and how they want it taught.  If they want practical knife work ask for it, if they want self defense moves ask for it, if they want a particular weapon, ask for it and if they want only a few moves taught with no Jurus, ask for it.

The point is in the end, the responsibility of whether the material was what was wanted now rests on the seminar host and their students and not solely on me.

During the seminar I will check to see that the seminar is progressing as was agreed.

NO one seems to be served by me making a verbal agreement, honoring that with smiling faces all around while I am there and then hearing other things after I am far away and at home incapable of making any changes.

Attendance Sheets and Remarks

Before the seminar starts I will be passing out required Attendance and Information Sheets for all participants and hosts to complete. No participant can attend who does not fully fill out the paperwork.

This will include:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email contact

At the end of the seminar I will hand out Seminar Remarks Sheets so that I can obtain honest feedback as to what you liked about the seminar and what you did not like. I will no longer be guessing as to what people really thought on their own. The Remarks Sheets will be kept in private.