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San Michele Italian System

An Maide Mear Eire-Irish Stick

Combat Keris


Introducing the new pcps combat keris. In order to allow every student the opportunity to own a keris that they can practice the keris jurus with and for the first time carry for actual combat use , we have made this unique model.

Using the actual dapur of a keris with an 11 luk (wave) balde to symbolize our 11 principes, this modern made blade is composed of hardened tempered steel sharpened on the tip and the edges, the edges have the greneng type teeth for blade catching and snapping ability, the end of the ganja is also pointed for close range strikes as we teach .
The blade length is 8 inches , with handle is 11 inches. And the over all length in the case is 12 inches, this length allows this smaller size keris to be both small enough to cary and large enough to do the keris jurus and practice .

The wronko (pendok and wranka ) are unique, all an aluminum alloy metal so this case can be used effectively to parry and do some strikes and at the same time create a light weight blade that can be carried easily.  
We chose a bugis style king fisher handle design as it has a very good pistol grip style handle for thrusting and the beak allows tonjok berang (poison hand ) type short strikes. This is the first keris like this on the market. A pcps exclusive.

These are all hand made to order, only $125 plus $15 shipping in the usa, look at our video showing how tough this blade is . Get yours today !!!


$125 + $15