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DVD Series of Combat Use of the Russian Cossack Whip

I am now offering a DVD series on the COMBAT use of the Russian Cossack whip. I was first introduced to this great personal self defense and body exercise and health tool when I first went to Russia in 2004 and one of my students there had acquired one and gave me one as well. I read all I could find , mostly in Russian which had to be translated and I worked with it. I acquired more of them over the years and watched everyone I could who showed anything on how to use them. Instructional material was almost non-existent but for a few only showing how to use it as a sort of a ballistic massage tool.

I noticed right away the way we move in PCPS using our entire body, even as a whip GREATLY helped me progress and I was able to locate some instructional material in Russia and had a man in the Ukraine also show me some of the body mechanics. But Sergie Polunin of the Great Svarge system has taught me the most of the proper use of the body in making the whip work as the old Cossacks did.

At the start I have made two DVDs which will really help you get going on the different types of whips, grips, blows, body moves and striking drills. I will also offer the highest quality hand made whips from Russia at a great price. These are not the tourist whips but real weighted combat models made to order. I can tell you that working these whips has made my entire body feel good like no other solid weapon I ever used . They are easy to carry as well and I will introduce a new way to carry them soon. These are far superior to any stick against multiple attackers as well and are short, not long whips you can not easily carry. Get started now and I advise you to get both DVDs at the same time. More will be coming down the road. GET STARTED NOW!


DVD 1 - The types of Cossack whips, grips, how to aim, move the whip and
the first patterns of striking.

$ 40

DVD 2 - More advanced striking patterns, using a whip in both hands, more
body mechanics and targets with striking demo.

$ 40

DVD 3 - Cossack combat whip: in this dvd you will learn how to practice to make your body move in the right manner with and with out the whip to develop speed power, flexibility and relaxation. Change of direction hitting, advanced hitting methods, including change of direction, the three chambered strikes, hitting with the folded whip, open whip work and snares, reverse whip handle hiting and some mental aspects.

$ 40

DVD 4 - Our latest dvd on the Russian cossack combat whip, dvd number 4 is about our close range combat bear paw whip. Offered on this page. This dvd will show you how to carry, hold, and use this extremely effective short and close range self defense whip. Proper close to the body techniques, blows, defenses attacks and exercises are shown. This is the only dvd in the world on the bear whip. Order today, and if you do not yet own a bear paw, add one as well!

$ 40



We are dedicated to the promotion of Christian-based martial arts. We now will be offering certification the use of the combat cossack whip as taught by the commander of the order William Flynn Sanders c.g.s.m. and master of the orders combat whip program.  

There will be five levels of certification. For testing the student must purchase the first four combat cossack whip dvd's as they are produced. The first level testing will be for all the material on dvd number 1. In each level the prospective awardees' will be required to demonstrate all the techniques shown on each dvd as if the student was showing someone how to perform them all, as if  teaching the material.

Upon successful completion of that level, a certificate like the one shown will be awarded to the student. Then, that person can try for level two from dvd #2. They must be tested for in order, and can be taken at the students own pace.

Level four will be on the combat cossack bear paw whip which is not yet quite ready for release. After the student completes level 4 then they can purchase the level five internal aspect of the art dvd which will be released as people near this level of knowledge and training and is very unique.  

Once the test is completed for that internal level then the certificate will allow them to teach the material under the direction of commander sanders, of the order.  

You must be a registered student on this website to start and have at least dvd number one purchased from us, along with a suitable whip. Dvd number 4 requires both the dvd and bear paw whip be purchased from us directly, since this one is under the design order of commander sanders in Russia to strict, quality  weight and length requirements. It is highly suggested to get all the whips from us to avoid buying cheap flimsy junk and getting scammed from some of the shady dealers we had to wade through at first.

Be the first in your area to be able to teach this art! Start now.

Price for Level One test

$ 50

Price for Level Two test

$ 60

Price for Level Three test

$ 70

Price for Level Four  test

$ 75

Price for Internal -Instructor of the Order of the Whip and the Blade -Whip
Class  Level Five test

$ 150

Thank you, Commander Sanders. 


New! The Cossack Bear Paw Whip

Bear Paw Whip

This is BRAND NEW, MONSTER BEAR PAW WHIP. There is nothing else like this on the market, PERIOD. I went through many, many, middle-men whip peddlers to finally find a REAL Cossack maker I deal with directly. Even so, I have designed this one myself and demand certain minimum weights I will take to maintain the utmost effectiveness for POWER and the ABILITY TO DELIVER QUICK MULTIPE STRIKES IN SHORT RAPID MOVES and MAINTAIN THE PROPER BALANCE IN THE PROCESS. EVEN FOR EXERCISE YOU WILL GET A TREMENDOUS WORKOUT AND MANY PEOPLE WANT TWO-ONE FOR EACH HAND. Each whip is shown to me with a picture and the weight is given, prior to me okaying the shipment. No one else does that and the middle men don’t care what you get, as long as they get paid, but not me. I also break in each whip some before I ship it to you and check the action.

These are a VERY stout, and heavy-duty, 24-inch monster. The leather is top quality and THICK. Inside, over the full length is a special heavy flexible steel cable attached to a metal handle under the leather and tipped off with a loaded striking end.
Made for close quarter combat against one or more attackers or a wild animal attack this model delivers crushing power on both ends with minimal movement. Even the hand loop is extra heavy and can be used to coil the whip for carrying.  It comes with a full leather belt clip for this model that slides over the whip and easily attaches on your belt. The perfect urban stealth carry whip and exercise and health device. You won’t believe how good and limber and strong you can become by using this!



$139 + $15 Shipping in the USA

Kuban Nagiaka Cossack Whip

This is a Kuban Nagiaka. That means it was from the Kuban area and used by the Kuban Cossacks, the braided leather handle is over a steel core, so the handle is also a weapon and the end of the whip is weighted, inside the leather wrapped tip for a good impact as well. These are not lashes but more like a hammer on the end of a whip!!!

They are all hand made. This whip is offered in red and black.
It can also be all black or brown and black.

$199 + $10 USA


The whip is carried vertically as shown and is accessible very quickly with a one snap release. It is made of high quality brown and black leather with a nice open weave and high quality snaps and rivets.

$25 + $5 Shipping in the USA
$25 + $10 Shipping out of the USA




The Volchatka and this leather attachment is affixed to your belt so the whip is carried around your waist over your belt as shown. It can be drawn straight out. It is made of high-quality leather.


$30 + $5 Shipping in the USA
$30 + $10 Shipping out of the USA